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Lighthouse · 2009

video · HD 4:3 · 4:30 min

The video is filmed in the melancholic and dramatic landscape of
the Asturian coast.
Proportions are huge, the person is so small and the scenery is so
magnificent. The picture has a symbolic meaning: how short life
is, which figures in the context of eternity. The eternal search for
the meanings of life. The natural, wild and lonely setting represents
the birth of nature and life.
The video plays with the landscape in a split screen of water
and sky. There is a very narrow path to the edge of the cape,
with high cliffs rising above the ocean on both sides. If one
slips, one would fall all the way down into the water below.
The man runs to the very edge of the cape; the risk of his potential
fall into the water frightening the viewer. He stands there and
the viewer wonders what’s going to happen next… The man looks
in a scared way at the water below, and then at the lighthouse
in the distance.
The man extends his hands towards the ocean and begins to
conduct a ghost orchestra. The soundtrack starts playing a classical
The conductor stops suddenly again, just when the lighthouse on
the next cape starts to shine…
Fernando Galan