The Milkmaid

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The Milkmaid · 2006

video · PAL · 3:00 min
music: Alva Noto · from Transrapid · Dominique Vellard · actor: Maria Dabow

This work was inspired by a painting by Jan
Vermeer, “The Milkmaid” (1658–1660). The motif
becomes transformed not only into our present but
also into a virtual spaceless and timeless sphere.
The clothing and appearance of the young woman
are as pristine as the light that plays upon her – as if
she were an everlasting sculpture. Through her
posture, though, she is totally in the present. As
she remains motionless and only the milk flows – as
if frozen in time –one could say that in this work,
photography, video and sculpture unite into one

Ralf Bartholomäus