Joey · 2007

gypsum · artifical hair · mixed media · 165 cm

Joey is a young woman standing upright, slim and with very
long hair that hides most of her face and body. Actually, one
can only discern the nose, parts of the mouth and forehead,
the slender legs and the naked feet of the woman, as the
rest of her body is covered by her parted, chestnut brown
hair. From the middle of the body, at about the area where
the genitals should be, the girl’s right thumb protrudes
through the thick hair. It is gilded and it seems – at least at
first sight – as if it was meant to imitate a phallus. This
lifesize sculpture looks like a general picture of the current
situation in which the traditional but still existing images and
conceptions of the relation between man and woman, art and
science, as well as life and death have already dissolved.

Peter Funken